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Need smart home remote

Comfort On Command

April 12, 2022
Live Your Best Life with Smart Home Technology.  By Kate Rader Since the day that Tripp Dailey bought his first surround system, he was hooked on home technology. As a...
Maxwell's serves elevated burgers and boozy shakes.

Boozy Milkshakes

April 12, 2022
Beat the Summer Heat with a Sweet Grown-up Treat. By Kate Rader Milkshakes have become a staple on many menus, a comfort-food companion evoking nostalgic memories of eating the beloved...
ITetro dental scanner technology

Transformational Tooth Technology

April 12, 2022
New Developments in Dental Technology are Bringing Smiles to Patients’ Faces. By Kate Rader If you haven’t been to the dentist lately, well—you haven’t been to the dentist. Keeping up...
Jill Martin advocates for suicide awareness and prevention.

Stepping Out of the Darkness

April 11, 2022
Transformed by an Unbearable Loss, a Mother Advocates for Suicide Prevention. By Kate Rader Jill Martin knew her son Taylor was struggling. Exacerbated by diagnosed depression and stress at work,...
Charissa Hipp and Julia hike the Appalachian Trail

Nurturing the Need for Nature

April 11, 2022
The Founder of Girls Who Hike Maryland Shares Her Love for the Outdoors with Others through Writing, Photography, and Hitting the Trail. Charissa Hipp Age 44, Williamsport, MD | TheNaturePrescription.com...
James Rumsey Express Food Truck

Food Truck Fever

April 8, 2022
The Growing Food Truck Trend Delivers Convenience and a World of New Flavors.  By Kate Rader Like students around the country, children at Maugansville Elementary School spent most of their...

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