Falling for Runaway Bull Farm’s Harvest Festival

Experience the Bounty of the AUtumn Season with Festivals, Food, and Fun

Written By Tara Peck

Photos By: Local Business Owner

Autumn is an especially beautiful time of year and we are lucky enough to witness the changing of leaves in our area from green to shades of red, orange, and yellow. The air is crisp and just chilly enough for a comfy sweater and cozy scarf. With a warm beverage of apple cider to warm your hands and belly, it is easy to see why so many folks love fall.

2023 Harvest Festival

At Runaway Bull Farm, you can celebrate the harvest season with your family. Located at 17163 Lappans Road in Hagerstown, Maryland, festival dates will run from September 23rd to November 4th on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. It is the perfect weekend activity that everyone can enjoy.

Runaway Bull Farm’s most popular attraction is their corn maze, which covers over eight acres of land. It is made up of three corn mazes total that increase in difficulty. Other attractions offered at the Harvest Festival include: a pumpkin patch, created using regenerative farming techniques; a fairy forest straight out of a storybook; corn pit; hay bale swings; tricycle track; obstacle course; and plenty of yard games. In addition, a petting zoo featuring some of the animals raised on the property. Runaway Bull Farm not only raises cattle, but a menagerie of farm animals, such as pigs, chickens, and goats. Concessions will be available on site along with plenty of seating.

Donations are accepted to continue Runaway Bull Farm’s mission of sustainable farming practices, providing a space for the community to learn about working alongside nature, and the continuation of the Harvest Festival for many years to come. Donations can be made in-person (cash and card accepted) or online via their website. You can follow Runaway Bull Farm on Facebook and their website at www.runawaybullfarm.com for updates.

Embracing Nature

Owners Chris and Jaime Teague purchased the home and accompanying farmlands—almost 100 acres!—in 2021. There was much work to be done before the farm was ready for agritourism. However, many of the items original to the property are experiencing a new life under Jaime’s care. “I’ve taken everything and repurposed, reused, and recycled it,” Jaime says. The owners’ philosophy to utilize existing items and not contribute to landfills extends to their sustainable farming practices.The Teagues embrace nature, the importance of farming and food, and positively contributing to the community. Neighboring schools and daycares visit the farm throughout the year to learn

about its history and the future of regenerative farming through the nurturing of soil, biodiversity, and protection of resources.
Jaime speaks about her experience saying: “I have always worked in agritourism, hospitality, and farming.” Her experience extends beyond just knowledge of farming practices. At one time, Jaime designed and built haunted houses. She uses these skills to plan out the events and activities for the Harvest Festival.

The Teagues hope you will join them in celebrating the autumn season. Chris says: “Stay until dark for our flashlight maze and enjoy s’mores by the huge bonfire!

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