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Washington County, MD

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About Washington Goes Purple:

Washington Goes Purple Rope Lights.

We are decorating Downtown Hagerstown Purple with Rope Lights across the town to bring awareness to substance abuse in our community.  Your Rope Lights will have a sign and you can choose 1 of 3 options of what it reads:

      • In Honor Of
      • In Memory Of
      • Sponsored By

Rope Lights are $30 each and will be displayed throughout the city from August 31 through September 30.

You can click HERE to purchase your rope lights.

Other Ways How You, Your Business, or Your Organization Can Get Involved!

  1. "Go Purple"- From August 31- September 30th- please light your buildings and homes up purple to show solidarity across the County. If you have a storefront, please consider purple light bulbs as well as WGP posters. For staff and friends, please do "purple Fridays" throughout the month of September. Make it fun! Challenge competing businesses to see who can be MORE PURPLE! We ask that if you are going to participate in any fashion you post on social media- tag us- hashtag #washingtongoespurple so we can share and promote you! This is just to show a huge community solidarity movement and give hope- much needed hope!
  2. Attend the Events and participate! Please check out our Calendar page as well as social media. If you are planning a special at your business (drink, food special for example) during the times of our events, let us know!
  3. ​Volunteer- We are going to be attending several community events in July and August and are having three major events throughout September. If you or your organization would be willing to volunteer- man the booths, host a fundraiser, pass out educational materials, set up booths- please click the "Volunteer" button and get involved!
  4. Spread the word! We are live at washingtongoespurple.com and facebook.com/washingtongoespurple. We will be starting a major marketing campaign so anything you can do to join in and spread the word is appreciated! If you or your organization plan on "going purple" and would like to do a marketing video on your page about why we will share! If your organization posts on social media, please hashtag #washingtongoespurple and tag us so we can share! We want each organization to make it their own.
  5. Donations- Washington Goes Purple is an ambitious and important project, and any financial support is greatly appreciated. If you would like to donate or have a fundraiser- all contributions are tax-deductible, made through our partner the Community Foundation of Washington County. When you click the link to donate on our website or Facebook, choose the "Washington Goes Purple" drop down or checks can be made to "Washington Goes Purple". If you’d like to offer in-kind support, please contact us at washingtongoespurple@gmail.com. Sponsorship opportunities are also available. If you'd like to have a fundraiser- just let us know :-)


Aug - Sep

Washington Goes Purple Rope Lights 2022

August 31, 2022
City of Hagerstown
We will be wrapping 10-foot rope lights downtown Hagerstown from August 31st-September 30th to draw awareness to Washington Goes Purple – a substance abuse awareness program to educate our youth and community about the dangers of prescription painkillers and other drugs.    

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