Washington County Health Department PATCH Program

Hagerstown, MD

Washington County Health Department
1302 Pennsylvania Avenue, Hagerstown, MD 21742

Enroll in the Washington County Health Department’s
PATCH program for help with quitting smoking.

To Enroll Contact: The Tobacco

Free for Life Program


Washington County Health Department

About Washington County Health Department PATCH Program:

The PATCH program is a state grant funded program targeting pregnant smokers and women of childbearing age who smoke. One of the goals of the PATCH program is to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke in homes with young children. Therefore, in addition to smoking cessation for pregnant smokers we offer a program for women with children aged 5 and under. Both programs provide incentives for participation based on how many sessions are attended. Pregnant women registered in the PATCH program will attend three (3) prenatal and three (3) postpartum sessions and receive up to 4 diaper vouchers (good for diapers AND wipes) plus other incentives like diaper bags, baby supplies and special incentives just for mom. Women enrolled in the secondhand smoke component of PATCH will attend four (4) sessions and receive two (2 ) diaper vouches (good for diapers AND wipes) and a select incentive just for mom. Both programs approach quitting smoking as a process and involve education and support throughout their quitting journey.

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