Sweet Dreams BBQ

Greencastle, PA

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15398 Molly Pitcher Hwy, Greencastle, PA 17225

About Sweet Dreams BBQ:

Welcome to Sweet Dreams BBQ!  NOW OPEN!

Fulfilling your visions of smoky Eastern North Carolina goodness, Sweet Dreams BBQ will soon be opening in the space previously occupied by Porky’s BBQ in State Line, Pa. Sweet Dreams, founded by restaurateur Jeff Paules, owes its namesake to the movie filmed in Hagerstown in the 1980s about country superstar Patsy Cline. Originally located across from Winter Street Elementary school, Sweet Dreams Deli served up specialty sandwiches before taking it to the streets via food truck about 10 years ago. 

Jeff takes pride in sourcing his brisket and pork from local farms, so the meat is always fresh and he can monitor its quality. Each cut is dry rubbed with his secret blend of spices using a technique he developed and served with his homemade, vinegar-based sauce. “Our signature sauce has a sweet and vinegar contrast,” he said. “I went to college at East Carolina and it has influenced the way I do my barbecue.”

Sweet Dreams will offer a menu highlighting his Eastern NC style barbecue, specialty sandwiches, and sauce, and a few fan favorites such as Cajun smoked turkey using a recipe contributed by Porky’s owner and pitmaster Jeff Wright. In addition to their locally-sourced smoked pork and brisket, they plan to have specialties like the award-winning Nashville Burger—a 1/3 lb. Angus burger topped with brisket, hickory bacon, barbecue sauce, and smoked cheddar cheese. The “Patsy Cline” comes on a toasted pretzel roll stacked with marinated roast beef, hickory-smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, and homemade horseradish sauce.

Jeff says they also plan to round out the menu with items like smoked salmon, pulled pork nachos, loaded fries with crab dip, fresh-cut onion rings, and of course, smoked macaroni and cheese. Specials will be offered throughout the week such as beer-battered fish and chips on Saturdays.

The Western-themed restaurant will open in phases, offering takeout, delivery, curbside service, and outside seating in early spring. Customers will be able to experience the full theme once the interior dining room renovation—including a beautiful sunroom—is complete.

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