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Mercersburg , PA

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66 Church St, Mercersburg PA 17236

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Sweet Dandelion LLC

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About Sweet Dandelion LLC:

Sweet Dandelion is a family run small business.

We offer pure, handcrafted extracts, teas, herbal teas & seasoning blends without fillers, anticaking agents, or artificial ingredients.
We prefer organic and non GMO ingredients.
If you notice your spices clumping, just give it a shake!

Let me Introduce Myself

Hi, I'm Lisa. Owner of Sweet Dandelion!

I enjoy creating fun and quirky meals. There is so much enjoyment in adding seasonings or extracts to a dish and transforming it from "it's okay" to "wow this is good!"

I bet you know what I'm talking about.

I wanted to create and share products that embrace the joy of making wonderful dishes with pure, clean, simple ingredients. You never have to worry what is in our products.

It is my sincere wish that Sweet Dandelion seasonings and extracts bring a sense of fun and adventure to your kitchen or outdoor grill.

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