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About Sutherland Sluggers:

We believe in fostering a positive, growth-oriented environment for young athletes to strive for their personal best. As coaches, we work to build a personal connection with each player and gain rapport. While this is a simple step, it can be difficult and time-consuming. Often, coaches rush through this step, and failing to develop a relationship with players often leads to player disengagement and frustration for all. Too often we see a coach yell at his team, or worse, tell them that they are failing for not understanding the game. We believe this reaction shows that the coach has failed in both his instructional methods as well as lack of personal connection with the team. This is why we prioritize relationship-building prior to in-depth instruction. We do not yell, coerce, belittle, or criticize. Instead, we make lessons light-hearted and fun to build up young athletes to become better players, teammates, and people

We would love to meet you and discuss your softball or baseball goals. We offer individual lessons and group clinics throughout the Eastern Panhandle of WV, Northern VA, and MD.  Please call or send us a message below and we will get right back to you.

Hi! My name is Bryan Sutherland and I am the founder of Sutherland Sluggers. After over a decade of working as a leadership coach in the corporate arena, I decided to re-live my 15 years of playing baseball by coaching my daughters’ softball team. I quickly realized that the skills I used professionally could be applied effectively when working with kids and parents. I received several requests to work with other players and I found a passion for helping those players reach their full potential. This led to the founding of Sutherland Sluggers LLC. Here we focus on all aspects of the game, both physical and mental, to build players up. I currently live in Harpers Ferry with my wife and 3 girls.


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