Sushi Bomb

Hagerstown, MD

Sushi Bomb
1645 Wesel Blvd, Hagerstown, MD 21740

Monday - Lunch 11AM - 2:45PM
Dinner 4:30PM - 9:15PM
Tuesday - Lunch 11AM - 2:45PM
Dinner 4:30PM - 9:15PM
Wednesday - Lunch 11AM - 2:45PM
Dinner 4:30PM - 9:15PM
Thursday - Lunch 11AM - 2:45PM
Dinner 4:30PM - 9:15PM
Friday - Lunch 11AM - 2:45PM
Dinner 4:30PM - 10:15PM
Saturday - 11AM - 10:15PM
Sunday - 12PM - 9:15PM

Sushi Bomb

About Sushi Bomb:

Sushi Bomb is full-service Japanese restaurant that features All-You-Can-Eat.We served health, fresh and authentic Japanese cuisine.You only pay one fixed low price but can enjoy all items on the menu without limitation. All items are freshly made to your order.


"Here is how All-You-Can-Eat works: When you dine in you pay one flat price. You can order anything from the menu as much as you want, as many time as you want. Everything you ordered is freshly prepared, and our servers will continue to bring you the freshly prepared food of your choice until you're satisfied! Our made to order "All You Can Eat" menu contains over a hundred delicious items for you to choose from. This includes a wide variety of sushi and hibachi along with many delicious appetizers and soups and our salad bar. We only have one house rule "order what you can eat, left over we will be charged".


All You Can Eat Lunch

Adult: $16.99
Kids: (age 7-11)$10.99
Kids: (age 3-6)$7.99

All You Can Eat Dinner

Adult: $22.99
Kids: (age 7-11)$13.99
Kids: (age 3-6)$8.99

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