Prohibition Hub


28 S Potomac St Level B, Hagerstown, MD 21740

Monday - Closed
Tuesday - 5-11pm
Wednesday - 12-11pm
Thursday - 12-11pm
Friday - 12pm-12am
Saturday - 12pm-12am
Sunday - 12-9pm


About Prohibition Hub:

Upcoming Live Entertainment

8/2- Krazy Monkey Karaoke 7-10

8/5- Rumours 8-11
8/6 Ethan Unruh 3-6                  8/6- Slam Dunk 8-11
8/10- Jason Teach 7-10 Co event Guest bartenders for charity Cory&Troy form Krazy Monkey Karaoke charity is Brookes' House
8/12- Ty& The Fish 8-11
8/13- Sam Stillwell & Amanda Wilkens 3-6               8/13- Luke Johnson Band 8-11
8/14- SecondHand Reggae 2-5
8/16- Krazy Monkey Karaoke 7-10
8/17- Elijah Myers 7-10
8/18- The Holers 7-10
8/19 - Jo Blues 8-11
8/20- Rob Lightner 3-6                  8/20- Krazy Monkey Karaoke 8-11
8/21- Luke Johnson 2-5
8/23 Lynn Routzahn open mic 7-10
8/24- Jason Mcdonald 7-10
8/25- Evan Crider 7-10
8/26- Mark& Da Sharks 8-11
8/27- The Howlers 3-6             Club Medics 8-11
8/28- Kam Stewart 2-5
8/30- Krazy Monkey Karaoke 7-10

Prohibition Hub offers a vast selection of Bourbons, Scotches and other fine liquors.  The Bartenders at the Hub are trained to make the finest cocktails in the area, you can choose from our signature cocktails or have them make your favorite.  The Hub has become known for their traditional OLD FASHIONED or try the smoked version.  The Hub also carries a large selection of Craft and Domestic Beers.

You will notice walking through the door to the left a massive humidor from the 1800's filled with the finest cigars around.  Grab a cigar and head out to the rooftop patio for a toke.  The rooftop patio is becoming one of the many gems in Hagerstown and go-to spot.  While on the patio you will notice the Crush Bar squeezing up fresh fruit for Maryland's famous Orange Crush and many other favorite flavors of Crush.

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