Luigis Pizza Factory

Orrstown, PA

Luigis Pizza Factory
13387 Cumberland Hwy, Orrstown, PA 17244

Monday - 11AM - 9PM
Tuesday - 11AM - 9PM
Wednesday - 11AM - 9PM
Thursday - 11AM - 9PM
Friday - 11AM - 10PM
Saturday - 11AM - 10PM
Sunday - 11AM - 8PM

Luigis Pizza Factory


Any 12" Cold Sub

$6.99 (plus tax)
Cold Sub Deal No Coupon Required

1 Large 16" Pizza Pepperoni

20 wings and One 2 liter of Pepsi $29.99 (plus tax)
Family Deal No Coupon Required

Large 16" Pizza Meat Lovers

$15.99 (plus tax)
Large Pizza Deal No Coupon Required

2 Spaghetti w/ Meat Balls

and 2 side salads $24.99 (plus tax)
Pasta Deal No Coupon Required

About Luigis Pizza Factory:

A Delight in Every Bite!

Great food, friendly staff that treats you like family!   New in town and already a local neighborhood favorite, come in to try the delicious signature pizzas at Luigi's Pizza Factory in Orrstown, PA.
**Helpful Hint:  Remember to bring your coupons for extra savings!  Just look to your left!

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