El Castillo Pizzeria

Hagerstown, MD

15616 National Pike, Hagerstown, MD 21740

About El Castillo Pizzeria:

Experience the difference! We are dedicated to giving you Quality Food at reasonable prices! Stop in and try one of our many dishes. A friendly, relaxing atmosphere and wonderful food await you at the 2 locations of El Castillo Pizzeria & Tex Mex restaurants! All of the dishes are made from scratch. We offer classic quality Italian dishes. We also have a variety of Tex Mex dishes on our menu. Not to mention hot subs, cold subs, homemade bread and dough, and of course pizza! Stop and see us today! El Castillo (National Pike Location) 15616 National Pike Hagerstown, Maryland
El Castillo (State Line Location)
15731 N. Pennsylvania Ave
State Line, Pennsylvania

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