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About Are YOU a NONPROFIT Organization?:

We love all our non profit organizations in our area and we would like to invite you to join our affiliate program.  What's In Your Neighborhood just turned 1 in January 2019!  We are so excited because we are entering our next phase of membership to consumers with outstanding deals and discounts.  Our goal was to create an affiliate program with our local non profit organizations for our local consumers to be able to give a portion of their membership fee to any of our affiliates they choose.  There are amazing organizations out there that so many people don't even know they can give to so we would love to partner with your organization!  IT COSTS NOTHING to your organization, of course!  All we need from you is good contact information to know where we will send your donations to.  That's it! This could also be a great way to raise funds by getting friends and family to join the WiYNNER'S CiRCLE and choosing your organization for the nonprofit proceeds.  Checks would be mailed out monthly when new members choose your organization.  How cool is that?!  We believe in being Hyper Local so please join us! "Thank you for all you do in our community".  Just click the GET IN TOUCH button and fill out the form with a few details and we’ll add you to the list for consumers to choose from.  Please feel free to call Cheryl Grimm at 240-347-1477 with any questions! We really hope you'll join us!

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