A Summer Guide To Outdoor Dining

Invitation To a Tri-State Outdoor Restaurant Oasis

Dining is just better when are enjoying it outdoors at all the best local spots. Take a tour this Summer of some great local hang-outs.

By Cari Ellen Edgin

Photos provided by local restaurant owners

When moving to Maryland in the late Fall months nearly a decade ago, it was almost immediate that I began to fear the cold weather. Intrigued by the close proximity of four states to one another (Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia) and what they had to offer; I still knew the Winter would be intimidating. What I found most intriguing was the amount of people who assured me to just “wait until Summer.” Of course, when you are a frozen Southern native who just moved from South Florida, it is hard to imagine warmer days ahead. Those days came and everyone was oh, so right. I know you feel it as you sit reading this, right? The days are warmer and heading for major heat but the amazing Northern evenings are only getting started.

That first summer, I vowed to get out more and enjoy the warmth in a way that you simply don’t get to in the South. One of my favorite ways to enjoy that is by exploring all of the available outdoor dining options that are in our area. Is there really anything better than sitting under the night sky, enjoying a charcuterie board or some crab dip, with a refreshing ice-cold beverage? If you are imagining what I am talking about, then it is time to make it a reality. This is your invitation to some of the amazing tri-state restaurants that you may or may not have visited where you can enjoy a unique outdoor dining experience.

Frederick County (MD)

Sure, there are more than a handful of chain restaurants in the Frederick area where you can enjoy outdoor dining but have you gone local? Tapias on Main has become one of the most sought-after restaurants for outdoor dining. Their patio is equipped with plenty of lovely tables, with the optional umbrella shading, if you arrive before the sun goes down. They also have it beautifully decorated with string lights, which gives it such a cozy vibe. Another really attractive feature about this spot is that it sits on Main Street of Middletown, Maryland which is a super quaint town adored by more than just the locals. To view the full menu, check out their website. http://www.tapiasonmain.com/index.php/menu/

Loudoun County (VA)

Flying Ace Farm in Lovettsville, Virginia got a quick reputation in its early days as just a brewery, but let’s just give it a standing ovation for the way they have stormed the area as much more than just that. Don’t believe me? Go follow them on their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/flyingacefarm) and try not to drool over all of their yummy food picture posts. Complete with outdoor seating, entertainment, kid-friendly activities, and so much more, this is one that you have to add to your list. The red barn vibes on a warm summer night will more than make you want to go back over and over again. Along with burgers and fried chicken, Flying Ace Farm also offers items such as Ramen and wraps.

Washington County (MD)

Washington County restaurants caught on very quickly to how much people love outdoor dining. One of the popular spots, Los Amigos in Hagerstown, Maryland, added a complete outdoor experience only a couple of years ago. One of the most unique attributes of their patio is that it is surrounded by a privacy barrier so that you are able to hang out and enjoy your evening without the hustle and bustle of the close by parking lot. Coupled with complimentary chips and salsa, you will find an array of other Mexican cuisine items such as tacos, fajitas, quesadillas, and so much more.

Newer to the scene in Hagerstown, Maryland is Bistro 11 & Lounge. Their extensive appetizer menu will only just get you started when you settle into a spot on their outdoor patio. Because of its location being pretty far back into a shopping center, the outdoor area is rather peaceful for a nice evening out. https://www.facebook.com/Bistro11Hagerstown

Wanting to switch it up and dine outdoors during the day instead of the evening? Try out Free Range Café and J’s Diner in Hagerstown, Maryland as well. Both have small but awesome outdoor spaces that are very well kept and easy to enjoy. Free Range Café has become popular for menu items such as acai bowls, wraps, warm bowls, and hidden veggie Mac-n-cheese bowls. J’s Diner is one of the most talked about local breakfast and brunch spots featuring items like specialty pancakes, breakfast tacos, hash, omelets, and many other excellent breakfast, brunch, and lunch options.

Fulton County (PA)

If you are in the mood for a scenic drive and amazing food, head out to McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania and visit one of the most unique and delicious food spots there is to offer in the area. Wild Annie’s uses locally sourced meats and other items to continue their support of other small businesses and you won’t find a more peaceful outdoor experience (especially since their restaurant is practically tucked into the side of a mountain). Check out their website here for more information: https://wildannies.com/menu

This list could go on and on but after you are done exploring, let us know what you think and if have any future suggestions for us to share with other readers by (Lexi- are you able to add something here where readers can submit feedback because I actually don’t know that. Would it be via Facebook messenger, email, etc.? Thank you!)

When you go:

Tapias On Main

203 East Main Street

Middletown, MD

Flying Ace Farm

40950 Flying Ace Lane

Lovettsville, VA

Los Amigos

29 North Burhan Blvd.

Hagerstown, MD

Bistro 11 & Lounge

13208 Fountain Head Plaza

Hagerstown, MD

J’s Diner

43 Eastern Blvd. N.

Hagerstown, MD

Free Range Café & Coffee

520 Northern Ave.

Hagerstown, MD

Wild Annie’s Restaurant

300 Lowry Drive

McConnellsburg, PA

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